Classes and Levels

Lindy-Hop group classes

There are six Lindy-Hop group classes at levels 1 to 6, and each participant can take two of those, in different roles if they want, at their most suitable level. If you dance both classes in the same role, it will be two consecutive levels, such as 1 and 2, or 4 and 5.

We will divide all participants into these groups, based on the experience they indicate at registration.

When registering we will ask you:

  • Whether you want to:
    • take 2 classes as a follow,
    • take 2 classes as a lead,
    • or take 1 class as a lead, and 1 class as a follow.
  • What your experience is in each of the roles (even if you only register for one of them).

You can find the level assigned to you on your festival wristband (which you get when registering upon arrival at the camp). For example, if it says ‘L3 and F4’ then you Lead in lindy hop level 3 and Follow in level 4, or if it says ‘L 1+2’ then you Lead in level 1 and 2.
If you are unhappy with the level we assigned to you, then you can discuss this with us in the Galerie on Saturday morning at 9.30am.

Because this asks for some complicated scheduling on our side, we cannot promise that you will have a Lindy-Hop class with both of our main Lindy-Hop teaching couples. You can fill in your preferences in the registration form, though, and we will take these into account.
If you feel the level you’re assigned to is not right for you, you can discuss this with us on Saturday morning at 9.30am before the start of the first group class.

Basic requirements
In order to join our camp, we would like you to have at least six months of weekly Lindy-Hop classes in your pocket so that everybody knows their basics.

Of course, we do not expect you to be able to dance both roles – just six months in either following or leading is enough!

Theme classes

Most theme classes will be for all levels. The only exception are the two switch classes.

Beginner switch class
While switching you never know what will happen next.. and we love it! So try it out: have an equal conversation with your partner, and enjoy the most surprising dances you can get. In the beginner switch class, you will work on understanding both roles, the differences and similarities and how to move between them.

To join the beginner switch class, you need some experience in both leading and following (but no experience with switching is needed!). If you have never danced the other role but would like to learn this, then you have the option of registering for one Lindy Hop group class in the role you’re used to, and one in the other role. This beginner class will give you enough skills in the other role to join our beginner switch class.

Advanced Switch class
Do you enjoy dancing both roles? Experience with swingouts in both roles? And fell in love with switching roles during the dance? Then this class is for you! You’ll work on gaining more insights in both roles, how to move from one role to the other while keeping the flow of the dance going and how to go from awesome to even more awesome.

To join the advanced switch class, you need to be comfortable doing a swing-out as a lead and a follow, and have a bunch of experience in switch dancing (for example through the switch beginner class).

Afro dancing
Afromix is a mix of different (African) styles of dance and music like African percussion, afrobeat and other up tempo music styles. The basis is African dance: great, earthbound, intensive and exhilarating movements. In this class, you will learn some basics of afromix, which could inspire you to introduce new moves in your Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz dancing.
Check out this cool video showing the roots of Lindy Hop in different African dances:

Looking for some moves for the late night events? Sheryl and Brian have you covered! They will help you learn some of the fundamentals of blues dancing so you can dance with lag, attitude, and stretch. With lead and follow skills already sorted, we will focus on how to adapt Lindy hop moves into a blues aesthetic, then dive into connection with some slow smooth blues dancing.
Everyone welcome!

Solo Jazz
Yara is always searching for the most relaxed and natural way of movement and you can recognise a strong technical foundation in her dancing. Her solo classes are known to be challenging. Expect to work hard, sweat a lot and feel a bit brain fried by tricky transitions and fast footwork. You will leave the room inspired to continue practising and training.

Practice sessions

To help you getting all the material from the group and private classes into your body, we also have two practice sessions in the Galerie. Practice sessions are also open to people with a party pass!

Sunday 16:45 – 18:15 Lindy Hop, guided practice session. Teachers will be available to help you out!
Sunday 19:30 – 21:00 Switching, (unguided) practice session to help you get your moves ready before the Mix&Switch competition.