Cafe de Ceuvel

Almost everything at Ceuvel Swing Camp and that means parties, meals as well as workshops, takes place at or around the Ceuvel: Korte Papaverweg 4, Amsterdam

The Ceuvel is an experiment in urban sustainability: everything is built out of local recycled materials, every roof is full of solar panels and every office cleans it’s own discarded water.
The cafe in the middle of it all has a terrace overlooking the water, where you can order all their delicious, organic and local food and drinks.
They don’t serve Coke or Fanta, for instance, but soda created on the spot from tap water with organic syrups that come in flavours such as ginger-lemongrass, spicy coke, and elderberry. And of course, they serve a selection of the many good beers brewed in Amsterdam!

Read more about them on their websites: The CeuvelCafé de Ceuvel

Venues of Ceuvel Swing Camp 2019