Audun Kveberg

Audun loves delving into the nerdy and technical details of lindy hop. He is passionate about sharing knowledge about a variety of techniques that will help you progress as a dancer. If you like detailed feedback and ideas to help structure your training, he’s your guy!

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Katie Cobalt

Katie originally comes from Hong Kong, she is now based in London. Katie has triple stepped all over the world performing and competing every chance she gets, holding first place titles at Savoy Cup, Balkan Lindy Hop Championships and Dragon Swing. She runs her own weekly classes with Swing Patrol as well as teaching weekend workshops from Turin to Krakow.

(c) Cheeky Rastall

She is known for her infectious smile and bubbly personality. It was the joy and playful energy that made Katie fall head over heels for Lindy Hop and this enthusiasm comes across in her classes. She is a firm believer in getting the fundamentals right and deeply enjoys getting thoroughly nerdy with her students.

Kibble White

Kibble’s rhythms have always been a strong point and he uses this to his advantage, bringing out interesting footwork variations and cool patterns. With a strong emphasis on quality of movement, he excels on the dance floor and however complex or simple, his moves are born from the music.

His teaching style has been described as clear, precise and in-depth, his dancing style incorporates quality of movement and freedom that inspires. He has the belief that you should learn how to move your own body before been able to move others. In order to achieve this goal, he now dedicates a majority of his time to quality of movement and brings everything he knows to the class room with a genuine passion and drive to share his knowledge.

Cam Mitchell

Cam Mitchell is one of the most energetic and playful Lindy Hoppers to come out of Australia, and was lucky enough to find Lindy Hop in 2001. With a strong passion for the social dance floor, Cam is constantly challenging himself (and his partner) for innovation and creativity and is always excited to see what comes out of the next dance.

Cam has taught all over his native land Australia and across the world including workshops and classes in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, The UK, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hungary (at the Famous Lindy Shock in Budapest).
He places a strong focus on body movement, rhythm, creativity and history (and of course fun!) in all his classes and is bound to leave an impression!

Cat Foley

Cat Foley is a Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dancer, teacher and performer based in the United Kingdom and has been lindy hopping since 2005.

After teaching in her University scene and locally in Newcastle, Cat moved back to Liverpool and established Mersey Swing and remains creative director of this fast growing scene. After being awarded the Eurostar ‘Spirit of Lindy Hop’ award at ESDC 2013, Cat trained for 6 months in pedagogy with Swing Step Heidelberg, and went on to compete in the biggest contests in the USA and Europe.

Known for her infectiously fun style, Cat wears her heart on her sleeve and tries to bring fellow dancers into her world. She strives to bring out individuality, positivity and energy from her students, and believes that laughter really is the best medicine.

Jeff Tong

Jeff is a true advocate of switch dancing. His passion for nurturing people to dance whatever role they like has challenged and pushed the London scene to be the wonderful inclusive community it is growing to be.

Practising what he preaches, he is part of the award winning performance troupe, Brat Pack, both as a Leader and a Follower, and was noticeably the only male follow competing internationally in team events.
He teaches weekly with Swing Patrol and champions the idea of non-gendered dancing from grass roots level, intermediate workshops, and open the minds of seasoned dancers.Known for his enthusiastic, energetic and cheery nature, Jeff welcomes his students to embrace their individuality and brings out their inner creativity.

Jason Hsu

Jason started dancing in Rome, Italy and continued his lindy journey back in his home town, Taipei, Taiwan. Being a male follower, especially in Asia, he had a little rough “transformation” process from leader to follower. Despite all that, he got so obsessed with beautiful swivels, so he knew his swing journey could not live without those! During the time, he found switch dance and he loved it, especially for how it creates a friendly environment for lindy hoppers. This gives a good reason to go back Ceuvel Swing Dance Camp again, another chance to enjoy tons of switch dancessssss <3

Sheryl & Brian – blues

All the way from Brisbane, Australia, Sheryl & Brian will join Ceuvel Swing Camp to teach a blues class on Saturday!

Sheryl and Brian believe dance is a conversation. Sometimes it is a dramatic, impassioned and fun conversation–or at least those are the dances Sheryl and Brian prefer. Their dance journey began in 2013 and they have been practicing (Sheryl would say playing) with music and movement ever since.

Brian and Sheryl are ambi-dancers and love it when both partners share in the creation of a dance. As passionate members of the Brisbane blues scene, they were two of the founding members of Brisbane’s blues dance school, Dance The Blues, which has been running strong since 2016.
Sheryl will also be joining us as a blues DJ. She has been DJing for dance events locally and internationally, and loves to talk about her collection of “dirty” blues music.
Brian and Sheryl are really excited to be visiting Amsterdam and sharing some blues dancing all the way from Australia.

Yara Kruis

Yara has been dancing since she was 4 years old and discovered partnered Swing Dancing in 2010. Based in Amsterdam her weeks are filled by running a dance school, organising events and working at a Startup Studio.
She is always searching for the most relaxed and natural way of movement and you can recognise a strong technical foundation in her dancing. Yara’s solo classes are known to be challenging. Expect to work hard, sweat a lot and feel a bit brain fried by tricky transitions and fast footwork. You will leave the room inspired to continue practising and training.

Avalon Brown

Avalon always had a big love for dance. Dancing feels supernatural to her, it’s a way to communicate, connect with yourself and others, to feel free and to enjoy life.
When she lived in Rio de Janeiro she discovered African dance for the first time and felt like she was in heaven. Everybody was dancing so free, big movements, everybody their own way. With a BIG smile on their faces. Since then she knew that this is what she wants to do in her life. She dived into the African dance, started her own AfroMix dance class and dance group AfroMixChicks and travels often to African (influenced) countries to learn their traditional dances.
AfroMix is an energetic, explosive, powerful dance style with the intention to show yourself and feel the freedom in the dance!