Registration opens Monday April 1st 18:00h CEST.

In August 2019 we celebrate the five year anniversary of Ceuvel Swing Camp: A weekend full of Lindy-Hop group and private classes, and other styles to be inspired by!
This year we’ve improved our levelling system in order to accommodate switching; you can take both levelled Lindy-hop classes in a different role if you choose to. Read more about it below.


The main feature of Ceuvel Swing Camp is that every participant gets a private class. Please read that again: a private class for every participant. In addition, we have:

  • Switch classes at two levels: beginners and advanced
  • Levelled Lindy hop group classes and theme classes for all levels
  • The opportunity to work on both roles by registering for one of the levelled classes as a lead, and for the other as a follow, if you choose to.
  • Five nights of parties, with lots of live music
  • Everything in walking distance from sustainable hub de Ceuvel
  • Mix & Switch (Switch Mix & Match)
  • Blues/fusion/alternative party room
  • Lunch and dinner all together

Private classes (included!)

You will get half an hour of private attention from a teacher of choice on your own. Or two times half an hour if you take the class with a partner, or four times half an hour if you take the class with 4 people (etc.)
You can choose what you want to work on, and indicate a teacher of preference at the registration. Your private classes can be with a Lindy-Hop teacher, but during the weekend we also have people with other skills present. Feel free to ask them for a private class too!
Find more information about how these classes will be scheduled below.

Group classes

When it’s not your turn for private attention, you can always take a group class: levelled Lindy-hop classes and theme classes for everyone.

This year we have a new feature for the Lindy-hop group classes to accommodate switching: everyone has 2 levelled Lindy-Hop classes, and if you choose to, you can take each of them in a different role (at a different level).

In fact: this year we will have 6 levels and everybody’s 2 Lindy classes will be at different levels, but if you choose to dance both of them in the same role, they will be consecutive levels, such as: 3 and 4, or 5 and 6.

You can find all the group classes in our schedule.


It can be a bit of a hassle to schedule a hundred private classes in five different rooms with a number of different teachers who also have group classes to teach, and of course a hundred participants with each their own preferences for teachers and time. During your registration you tell us your preferences for the group and private classes. Before the camp starts we will create a preliminary schedule. During the event everyone is still allowed to change slots, and create a better schedule, as long as everybody involved agrees with the change. This will be explained in more detail at the introduction on Friday night at the event itself. Read our transparency page for all the details on how we do this.


And of course, in the evenings it’s party time! In the main room: Lindy-Hop, and in the extra room, after the first year’s raging success: blues all night long! Use all the new stuff you’ve learned to get creative at these parties that are guaranteed fun. This year we have also a floating floor on the waters at the Ceuvel for some outdoor chill and dance time.